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Rock Anchors

A rock anchor is a steel bar or strand that is installed into a drilled hole in the ground or into rock and then grouted. Rock anchors, which provide horizontal and vertical resistance strength to a structure, are GEODRILL’s speciality.

Based in the Wellington region and covering the Hutt Valley and Kapiti Coast, GEODRILL are the rock anchor experts. We specialise in tension anchors, passive anchors, pile anchors for compression and tension, and sprayed concrete walls with anchors.

Working to an engineer’s specifications, we can drill rock anchors to 20 metres and install either post-tensioned or passive anchors. For projects that require less support, we can install soil nails, also known as rock bolts or rock nails. These are threaded steel bars often used for stabilising rock or excavations.

If you have a steep section, rock anchors are a cost effective way to hold back dirt in banks, walls, basements and foundations. We can drill:

  • Tiebacks and tiedown anchors
  • Rock and soil anchors for bracing soil retention systems
  • Anchors for permanent structures
  • Ground anchoring